Once upon a time Photo Me Booths were thought of as dingy boxes where you got your passport picture taken. They were where you spent ages adjusting that spinning seat and could never get it quite right. Or, if you just wanted a laugh you would try to cram as many friends into the small box as possible.

Nostalgia is wonderful and those little snaps in columns of four from Photo Me Booths of days gone by are always a talking point in the family album. This is despite them sometimes being only a dodgy looking passport photo that you would rather forget.

However, all that technology is in the past and is now condemned solely to take the gloomy passport photos for the soon to be blue UK passports.

Not Your Ordinary Photo Booth

Even the more modern black box type Photo Me booths you have seen at friends’ parties cannot compete with the unique look and feel of our superior Magic Selfie Mirror experience. With this, spinning seats and smelly curtains are no more. You can have our red-carpet treatment and our state-of-the-art Magic Mirror. And we do mean state of the art, there’ll be no hanging about for your four little shots. As soon as they’re taken you can upload them straight to all your favourite social media channels or print them out to keep in your purse/wallet or put in your party photo album.

Do you like snapchat?

With our Magic Mirror you can snapchat like a boss, but with a five feet mirror. Our Magic Selfie Mirror is great fun for all of your event guests, whether they want to just dress up and take silly selfies or play a game against a friend. Hey, you can even start a competition, the world’s biggest selfie. Imagine having a five feet smartphone to play with all night, nobody is ever going to get bored with that.

Who needs to cram several people into a little box to have fun now?.

Not when you can get your entire party in shot in the biggest selfie ever. Why not have a competition who can get the most people in shot of our Magic Mirror. (Warning – sitting on knees only allowed by mutual consent)

Photo Me Booths pale in comparison to what our Magic Mirror can do and you’ll have no more grainy little photos. Now you can create beautiful memories of your event and share them straight to social media. We can even upload them to a beautiful keepsake USB pen drive just for you.

No More Grainy Photos

The mirror is simple to use and we can program it to display any message you wish. Most people opt for the date and time of your special event. This is so your guests can print them out as a delightful keep sake as they then have a readymade a memento of your very special occasion.

We can bring the Magic Selfie Mirror to any event you are having around the Liverpool, Southport, Runcorn, Widnes and the Wirral. If you wish to reserve the mirror for your special event you need to act fast as our Magic Selfie Mirror is so popular, we only have a few slots left.

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